Always a great place and awesome people! We took are three large dogs and had a suite with plenty of space for beds, bowls, toys and TV. We also took our African Grey and he was so happy he talked to everyone. They all were and have been taking care of with love and attention. Will continue to go there for our animal boarding needs!

Carol Moeller

My dogs had the BEST time staying here! Apparently my pittie girl liked to play hall monitor so she was allowed to walk around looking at all the other dogs through their windows ? They stayed for 10 days while we were out of the country and came back to me happy, healthy, and ready for big naps. Ms Johnette took great care of them, and from the way she talks it is obvious she is an animal lover through and through. She put them up in a big room together and took the two of them out and let them run in the yard a few times a day just the two of them (they're not very social). I will be boarding them here from now on!

Racheal Peterson

First time ever boarding my doggy. I would of been so worried but They we're so good with her. Loved the Atmosphere and they sent me pictures ??

Debi Garner

Staff is very friendly and they took good care of my fur baby!!

Sally Calvillo

I love this place. They are nice and takes great care of my Dog Phoniex. Whenever we call they accommodates us. Very convenient when you have no one else to take care of your pet when your away!

Mrs. Jackson

Great place I wouldn't take my dog any where else. He comes out the same way he went in. Trust me because I look my dog over good.. I don't worry at all with Bed and Biscuit.

David Williams

These ladies were a life saver! So sweet took amazing care of our furbabies! 3 dogs and a cat. Very last minute after hours! They made it work! Highly recomend them for all of your needs!

Jennifer White

The only place to board your pets and know they are being well cared for. I never have to worry about them with Jonnette.

connie Beauregard

They are my go to place. Took such good care of my cat that Im not sure he wanted to come home with me.

Alyse Newman

Awesome place to board your pet. You can tell the owner loves animals. I had my dog shaved while he was boarded and he looks wonderful.

Amanda Johnson

I love this place and my fur baby do to.

Ruthie Phillips

They always take care of our 3 dogs and cat anytime my wife and I take a trip. All of our pets are able to stay in a presidential suite together and they love it.

Colton Ward

Everytime we bring Bentley in, they always take wonderful care of him. Very friendly very clean and very professional.

Michelle Miller-Cain (Chelle)

Wonderful place to board your pets! And they will be well taken care of.

Kevin Krantz

This is very special place. Johnette, the owner has a special way with animals. Our dog Ginger loves to go there.

Debi Carleton

Owner is great, facility is very nice. Highly recommend

brianrbhutch (xXHutchXx)

Amazing ladies, great pet care!

Jennifer White

Take wonderful care of pets.

Silver Rover08

Very nice.

Susan Cosner

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